Voyage Art Galleries

Explore Your Creativity With Voyage Art Galleries based in teignmouth!

Explore Your Creativity With Voyage Art Galleries!

Voyage Art Galleries is an ideal hub for local art in Teignmouth and local south Devon: a three-storey building, three galleries, and four significant artists’ studios – one of which doubles a workshop space where all the famous art classes are held. It is located in Teignmouth’s Arts Quarter, which is a light, airy space where all the work of local artisan and artists are sold, including prints, glassware, ceramics, paintings, upcycled items, and jewellery.

Voyage Art Galleries also hold frequent exhibitions to showcase the latest artwork in the area that ranges from photography to abstract painting. You may also visit the artists’ studios to see their work and know how they paint. Voyage also takes part in Devon Open Studios every year; in September, numerous artists put up special exhibitions of their artwork – particularly a highlight of the year that everyone enjoys the most.

The classes and workshops of Voyage are always open for beginners and those who already have some past experience. You may enjoy learning how to paint in watercolour, craft, crochet, and be creative in several ways. So, come along and join this fun!

Art Studios

Voyage Arts has a special space available for all the local artists out there who want to develop their skills here in Teignmouth. The studios are enriched with the best artworks, which is ideal for somebody already selling their art and needs a place to polish their skills to the next level and produce more quality work. Or it is also suitable for someone who wants to find a nice place where they could be able to practise their craft at their best. So, you can be a part of these studios and bring the best art output that you desire.

Teignmouth Art Workshops

Are you someone who is trying to find fun activities, learn new skills, and join groups in Teignmouth? If yes, then Voyage Art Galleries has numerous workshops for you to join. Regardless of ability, everyone can come and witness the real-time artwork and creativity.

Best Artwork

You may now see the best artwork and paintings by award-winning local artists from Teignmouth and the South Devon area. You will not be disappointed if you are truly an art lover because it allows you to discover various techniques and styles in the art that you might have never seen before implemented.

Why Voyage Art Galleries?

Do you want to explore your creativity and witness the best artwork in the town? Voyage Art Galleries is an offshoot of Voyage Fair Trade which started back in 2013 as a business with the aim to support artisans in developing countries by selling their unique handmade crafted products. Voyage Arte Galleries is an ideal hub for local art with a 3-storey building boasting four large artists’ studios and three exceptional galleries where popular art classes are held. Join us to check the latest exhibition that showcases abstract painting to photography. It allows you to sell your artwork and you may also buy paintings from your favourite artists. So, let’s be a part!

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