Art Workshops and Classes in Teignmouth

We have many Teignmouth Art workshops for anybody to join in with, regardless of ability and experience. See a list of our latest running workshops, classes and social groups.

Aternoon Teignmouth Pottery Art Workshops

These activities, workshops and groups are held in our main gallery on the first floor, with the exception of the Pottery workshops which are held on the second floor in the same space as the kiln, drying areas and the throwing wheel.

Teignmouth Art Studios

‘Shoot for the Moon’ – achieve your artistic ambitions! We offer room for any type of artist if you need space to create and develop your artwork. Six studios are available to rent. There are 4 whole studios and one which can be divided into two. One of the studios is also used for the pottery workshops for a more authentic experience!

Shoot for the moon with a Teignmouth arts studio
Some unique urban art in Teignmouth by NME

At present all studios are in use, but there is another possible studio in the pipeline. To learn more about these studios, click here. If you have a question please send us a message to find out more.

Shan Roberts Painting in her Teignmouth Art Studio


Galleries and Exhibitions

At Voyage Arts we have started to use our main gallery as exhibition space for local artists to show and sell their artwork. We are looking for high quality art that makes an impact : something that is unique and turns heads is always a bonus!

The Large Art Gallery at Voyage Art
People viewing artwork by local artists in our large gallery

Recent exhibitions include:

Free as a Bird: An art exhibition by the award-winning photographer Edward Crawford.

Photographer Edward Crawford

Land of the Gods 5: artwork was produced by HarbZ, Bill Lusty, Tim Brown, Chris North, Helen Beare, Laura Fulner, John Skinner, Alan, McGrath, Bryan J Robinson, Steven Smyth-Bonfield, Michelle Greenwood-Brown all in memory of the artist Paul Ansell who was present in all previous Land of the Gods art exhibitions.

Tingatinga Art Exhibition: by the Tanzanian artist Emmanuel Alfred who now lives in Teignmouth. He paints and draws a number of different styles including animals, Dartmoor and the unique African Tingatinga art.

Trading fairly with artisans locally and around the world

At Voyage Art we are located above our Voyage Fair Trade shop where we sell arts and crafts from international fair trade artisans and organisations and also local independent UK artists. Please visit our shop located in the center of the Teignmouth Art’s Quarter.

Voyage Art and Voyage Fair Trade Shop Address

Or please visit Voyage Fair Trade website to see the arts and crafts we sell.