Vincent - Abstract Artist

Vincent working from his studio at Voyage Art

About Vincent

Vincent is an abstract artist who works predominantly on canvas. His work is inspired by a wide, and at times unorthodox range of influences including Picasso, quantum physics, Buddhism and Taoism. His main goal is that his art is not overly constrained – restricted in any way.


"Abstract painting is the perfect vehicle or the nearest form to reality to me, because you cannot confine reality just to a viewpoint. You may capture a tree with a gate underneath but there’s a whole world to the left, to the right and behind you.”

Starting off

I started off as a figurative artist, so I did years of portraiture and figurative work from life models. I also spent years
in the landscape working outside and usually worked from photographs in the
studio, developing from realism through impressionism and German expressionism,
basically just going through all the -ism’s of art and finding my own language.

I studied a degree in Fine Arts, a BA and MA which was part practical, part theoretical. I taught art for 30 years. I was head of an Arts faculty down in Cornwall developing a curriculum that had equal status as Maths, Science and English; one of the first in the country.

I’ve always had a studio space, ranging from a back bedroom to a monumental Dutch
Barn. When I lived and taught in Penzance Newlyn I was a member of the Newlyn
society also Penwith society of St Ives School of painting. I knew and exhibited with many of the well-known artists e.g.; Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Sandra Blow, these were all reputable names in British abstract painting.

View some of Vincent's artwork at Voyage Fair Trade - Vincent

Vincent working from his studio at Voyage Art