Teignmouth arts quarter is thriving!

Teignmouth arts quarter just keeps on growing. Being mentioned on BBC Spotlight, Devon Life and 5 stars on Tripadvisor.

Back Beach in Teignmouth's Arts Quarter

With daily art workshops and social groups, which include painting, drawing, sewing, mosaics and ceramics. T.A.A.G (Teignmouth Art Action Group) doing weekly art exhibitions, Teignmouth Players performing many shows at the Ice Factory. Many cafes to sit and drink a nice coffee or eat at good restaurants. There are many unique retail shop including, Voyage Fair Trade, a part of Voyage Art. With pubs to visit and sit on the back beach to eat, drink and watch the sunset. The positive experience is still increased when there are live bands playing and also an annual music festival when they construct a large stage for a long weekend.

Teignmouth Back Beach Music Festival

Recently a video was video was created to explain what and where the Arts Quarter was in Teignmouth


However, what many people don’t know is how the concept started and managed to get off the ground. Just was on the off chance from a simple comment from a customer when buying a small gift in Voyage Fair Trade. “It is getting really arty here…it should be called the arts quarter!” and I remember that was brilliant and after the transaction took place I ran out into the street and looked down Northumberland Place. Yes this area has so much character, lovely views and building, why doesn’t it get the attention and footfall it deserves? Don’t get me wrong some places were booming, however, people were not exploring the whole area and visiting all the shops.

A few days later a met up with 2 well known people in Teignmouth (Names I won’t mention, but one was councilor and the other has fled the country due to tax reasons!) around what used to be the green monstrosity as it was neglected and a rotten Christmas trees were left there until March! With future funding we were able to turn it into a lovely mosaic paint pot :)!

Terignmouth Arts Quarter Mosaic Paint Pot

All of us loved the concept. The other two saw they needed to get a professional looking website. I felt it would be cheaper and easier to create a simple Facebook page and the Arts Quarter was born!

Find out the latest goings on at our Teignmouth Arts Quarter Facebook page.