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An Artist Getting set up for display a 2-week exhibition.
Getting set up for a 2-week exhibition
An open evening
An open evening
Our Main Gallery
Our Main Gallery with tables and chairs out

Are you interested in having an Art Exhibition?

If you wish to use our Art gallery to display and sell your work to the general public, please contact us.

Exhibition now on:

The Pebble Project

John Skinner who came up with the idea explains the project below!

Our Previous Exhibition

Land of the Gods


Meet the Artists

Fifteen well respected artists within the Teignmouth area will be coming together to exhibit at the Voyage gallery. With a huge array of art from landscapes, photography and mosaics to unique avant garde, it should be an interesting show. The exhibition is also in commemoration of Paul Ansell - an artist who has exhibited in previous 'Land of the Gods' exhibitions.

Paul Ansell

Commemorating Paul Ansell

Artist Michelle Greenwood Brown

Michelle Greenwood Brown

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Alan McGrath Artist

Alan McGrath


Chris North

Artist Mark Evans

Mark Evans

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Bryan James Robinson

Artist Helen Beare

Helen Beare

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Artist Linds Roger

Linds Rogers

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Artist Bill Lusty

Bill Lusty

Artist John Skinner

John Skinner

Artist Steven-Smyth-Bonfield

Steven Smyth-Bonfield

Harb Z


Laura Fulner

Laura Fulner