Nora Doherty: Semi abstract Teignmouth Artist

Nora Doherty

Nora Doherty paints with high quality oils in a semi-abstract style creating unique, bold contemporary paintings on board which vibrate with colour, light and depth. Through sheer hard work and experiment, Nora is self-taught and has learnt to use the flow and purity of colour of traditional oils to transform space and landscape into highly expressive, flowing oil paintings.

Nora lives overlooking the sea in Teignmouth, when she paints, a place she loves and is inspired by. It is the huge expanse of sea and sky before her every day, and her meditation practice, which has inspired many of her paintings, particularly those which, in a zen-like way, reflect the interplay of sea and sky, landscape and body. Nora also paints unusual abstract forms which spiral into a sense of infinite space…pure colour ‘visual pleasure’.

To see some of Nora’s artwork visit Voyage Fair Trade’s online shop