Emmanuel Alfred

Emmanuel Alfred – Teignmouth and African Artist

Emmanuel Painting Tinga tinga

In addition to the many talented artists we have in Teignmouth, we now have a unique African artist who is currently exhibiting his work at the Voyage Fair Trade gallery in Somerset Place.

Emmanuel Alfred is well known in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania as both a mountain guide and an artist.  He trained at the Nairobi Institute of Fine Arts, Kenya in 1989 and was then mentored by Tanzanian artist Gine Gai.

Emmanuel now lives in Teignmouth with his Devonian wife, Tracey, whom he met when he guided her up Mount Kilimanjaro.  Emmanuel says: “I am very proud of the reaction I have received to my artwork here in Teignmouth and am so grateful for the working relationship I have with  Voyage Fair Trade.  I feel very lucky to be living in such a beautiful area with the friendliest of people”.

Emmanuel’s popularity as an artist in Tanzania has seen him produce commissions and unique African paintings for locals, tourists, and climbers.  Emmanuel often paints in the popular East African Tinga Tinga style which is known for its vibrant colours, naivety and humour.

Face painting African style

However, he says he is most proud of the help he has been able to give to women, children and orphanages in the Kilimanjaro region.   Emmanuel explains: “Working in a women’s cooperative in the Kilimanjaro region allows many Tanzanian women to make a fair profit from their unique hand-made jewellery which helps with the daily struggle they face providing for their families. I bring the jewellery back and Voyage Fair Trade markets it on their behalf.  Also, I cannot explain how grateful the mothers and children are for the clothes that the people of Teignmouth have donated.  So many babies and children have benefited from nearly 200kg of clothes I have been able to take out to Tanzania. Asante sana (thank you very much)!