Shân Roberts - Teignmouth Artist


Shan Roberts - Teignmouth Artist

I have been experimenting with art and craft, and particularly painting, since an early age, but began painting seriously when I moved to South Devon, fulfilling a lifelong dream to live near the sea.

Now I find the beauty of my surroundings helps to inspire a wide variety of work, and I am always learning and experimenting with new ideas, processes and media.

Collage plays an important role in most of my paintings. I use a variety of mixed media, usually starting with acrylics and adding paper, inks, crayons and pastels. Texture and colour, and sometimes found items, are equally important in creating atmosphere, mood and emotion.

I am largely self-taught, although I have studied Fine Art at college on several different courses. Ultimately I found that I learned more from other working artists than from the academic approach, and attending workshops by West Country artists has helped me to develop my technique. I have forged my own style over the years, having gone down a few blind alleys on the way - I now feel that I have found the style and materials that really suit me and help me to portray the way I see the world.

I am an active member of the Teignmouth Art Society, and usually exhibit with them three times a year. I also take part in Devon Open Studios, being a member of the Devon Artist Network. In recent years I have exhibited at the Tin Shed Studio in Shaldon and at TAAG, Teignmouth. Most recently I shared an exhibition with my woodturner husband, Chris Foweraker, at his workshop near Ashburton, and I have also had a successful show at Torbay Hospital.

Sometimes found materials from the place which inspired the subject of the painting are incorporated in my work. This gives a richness of texture appropriate to the subject. To see some of my work please visit the Voyage Fair Trade Store.