Oil Painting Art Workshops


Do want to learn how to paint still life & portraits oil paintings? Join our new course tutored by talented artist & tutor Allison McSporran-Edwards!


Do you want to learn how to paint still life and portraits oil paintings? Join our new workshops tutored by the talented artist and tutor Allison McSporran-Edwards!

These fun workshops will appeal to people new to oil painting as well as those with some experience.

When? Start date Thursday 24th June, 2pm-4pm for 4 Weeks
Where? Voyage Art Galleries, 11 Somerset Place, Teignmouth, TQ14 8EN
Price? £80 for all 4 weeks including all materials.

You would need to bring:

Either a portable table-top easel or a hard board/surface (We can supply a hard board if needed).
Three soft brushes if possible e.g. a round pointed one (size 3), a flat chisel ended one (half inch) and a comber (half inch).
A 9 point value scale which are for sale on Amazon: e.g. Colour Wheel Company £5
A colour wheel
Tear off paper oil palettes to put their paint on and create their colours or a plastic plate that they can wipe clean at the end of the day
Some paper towels or a rag to clean their brushes
An old apron!

It is difficult to gauge the cost for these items but as the oil paper is a £1 every week I think a £2.50 charge per session (i.e. £10 for 4 session or £15 for 6 sessions) will hopefully cover the costs


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