Eileen Slatter – Surrealist Automatism Teignmouth Artist

Eileen Slatter - Teignmouth Artist
Eileen Slatter

I attended the Winchester School of Art in 2003 studying textile art and graduated in 2007 in fine art.

After drawing and painting a large piece of artwork in the last 6 months of my time there, I started to research Andre Breton, and the surrealist movement for my final exhibition and  Frida Kahlo and Helen Chadwick for my dissertation.

I used a black Marker pen to draw Automatic images after having a bit of an artist block right from the time I crossed over my intended path of studying Textile Art to doing Fine Art, I couldn’t decide on a particular subject and was at a quandary so one night started to draw on my plain white studio wall with a blank mind and no idea of what the end result was going to be and within three hours had produced a piece of work that even I wondered where it all had come from, because none of it was intentional, but there it was in front of me.

I then decided research more about how this method had influenced other artists in the past, then discovered Andre Breton and his surrealist movement, it was a fascinating concept to find out more and then the drawing started to become a bit of an obsession for me, I don’t always produce a piece that I like, I suppose its like any art form its all about your mind and how inspired you are feeling. more so when its just materializing from the mind with no intentional result.

Below is a short video me talking about the subject:

I was going through my old college and university references for work that I had produced at the beginning of my years of studying art up until this point, I did believe that my interest in being able to visualize something different in the work you produce had only been an interest to me when I started to draw and paint in this way, at University, I used liquid latex, paint, glue etc. for experimenting and zooming into objects of my own artwork photography and photocopying through different technique.

Every artist should create what they feel is satisfying to their passion, I have been incorporating other methods since, such as digital photoshop, enhancing with hue and saturation and other methods, combining my black and white drawings, still looking for something more in what I am producing, as a child I had this love of looking into my mothers old dressing table mirror with the two side mirrors you could pull those mirrors around you, like a circle and see your image going on and on, I really wondered when it was going to end, into infinity, its like there isn’t an answer but you have to keep looking.
I am not sure if its everybody’s idea of what art represents to use these images, they are not painted but I do believe that my drawings choose their own type of medium and colour when I work with them, as each drawing is unique to me, I spend hours experimenting with the image until I decide what background is suited visually, I might have more than one copy coloured but not often, sometimes there is only one that will suit the drawing. I find that I have to make the full decision on what suits the image, the difference being that when I use Hue an Saturation etc. with the drawing the image helps me to decide, I am also painting the images as well on canvas duplicating the some of the prints, I start by subconsciously drawing, I am a lover of the surrealist movement of Andre Breton times, Max Earnst, Man Ray, Klee, Frda Kahlo etc. I am a be-leaver of their beliefs.

The black and white drawings inspired me to scan into Photoshop, the whole idea is based on that, although the canvas is our traditional method of an artist expressing themselves, I still believe there is a lot to be said for digital art in this modern day, the camera was once thought of as escapism but now we all know that it is a brilliant artists tool, so also I believe is technology is a way forward.

André Breton, a French writer, poet and surrealist, states he believed painting from the subconscious mind or in a dreamlike state was the way to go.

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