Bryan James Robinson

Bryan James Robinson – Teignmouth artist (Spymass)

Bryan was born in 1955, the son of a market gardener. He was one of seven children and grew up surrounded by the crush of a large family and the flowers that were their living. Despite leaving school without qualifications he gained a degree in 3D Design from Wolverhampton University. Since then Bryan has been a professional artist, exhibiting his work both nationally and internationally. He has also had a successful theatrical and display set making business running in parallel with his art practice. Before moving to South Devon he shared his time between London and New York.
‘In Bryan’s paintings, images and figures crowd into every possible space, scale collapses and men and women are crammed together with beasts and buildings in what could be Bacchanalian revelry or Bosch like horror. Conversely his assemblages are pregnant with mysterious space and contain disquieting surprises. These objects, which often seem like parodic occasional furniture, hide found objects and small interventions of text and colour.’ – Steven G. Bonfield

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